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Welcome to our new adventure with woodworking.

Welcome to our journey in the world of American flag art.

The hubby and I are always looking for hobbies we can enjoy together. Most of our projects are renovating our house together, it's rather old. As the adventure ensued however, we found ourselves needing more and more tools and equipment. Well let's be honest, he always seems to need new tools. If you ask him, one can never have enough.

This is where our adventure takes an interesting turn. What I thought would be a little project to make some space in the basement for the workshop, turned into quite an undertaking. First, in order to make enough room we had to remove the coal shoot. Yes, I said coal shoot.

Next, the masonry was leaking and needed repaired due to the settling of the house over the years. This is where I learned about hydraulic cement. Ya me, this old dog can still learn a few new tricks. But that's another story. I mustn't ramble.

Anyway, once the basement was prepped the construction on the workbenches began. Can you believe the walls are not straight and the floor is not level at all, and we thought this would be easy. But we figured it out with a lot of ciphering, (ya that's definitely not common core math right there) and some not so appropriate language. My daddy alway said, "a job is never done till it gets a good talking to." Well not in those exact words but you get my meaning.

Then, and this must be a man thing..... We needed electrical outlets at least every 2 feet. That's a lot of power for one man, but it made him strut around and grunt like a gorilla in a manner that would make "Tim the tool man" proud.

Now we had a workshop my hubby could be proud of, but what to do in it now?

My husband likes to watch youtube videos and came across how to make an American flag. Being a family that has proudly served in the military for generations and an Air Force veteran himself, we are very patriotic. Almost every room in our house has some form of Americana decor. He had watched numerous videos and wanted to try making a wooden flag.

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