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So the CNC is an adventure........

I have spent a few weeks working on learning all the necessary programs to run the CNC machine. It took a few tries but I finally understand the vector graphics and how to make them. I have been making all my svg files from scratch instead of buying them. I think it has helped me work out a lot of kinks. Also I understand the CNC machine and how the various tool paths work now.

The hubby makes it sound so simple as he stands over my shoulder. "Can't you just move the stars over to the right and make them bigger?" Yeah that's a lot more steps than you would think but, I finally figured it out.

I have been working on the learning the graphics program, inkscape, buy making vector files of local LEO badges. I have most of my local officer badges saved now and a few in surrounding counties. Also. it's Vols time in Tennessee so of course I have made a few Vol vector files. I will have the hubby go get some UT orange stain tomorrow. We are hoping to list the new products I have been working on in a few days.

First, I thought I would share some of the prototypes and see what everyone thinks.

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