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The CNC has a home.

After we got the CNC machine put together, powered up and made sure everything worked as it should, it was time to build a permanent home for our new addition to the family. It is currently sitting on a piece of plywood on top of my table saw and I need access to my saw. So, after a few measurements were taken, videos watched, more measurements taken and consultation or two with the wife, I had a plan. Once again, a down and dirty 2X4 structure to hold the CNC was just the ticket. I settled on a basic 48" X 48" table top with a storage compartment the same size below the top and just about the swivel casters on each leg.

I decided on swivel casters in case I needed to move it around for machine maintenance or modifications in the future. That way I can spin that puppy 360 degrees and get to every side of it with ease. The table was done in a couple hours and now it's time for the relocation to happen. Ya, OK, going to need some help picking this thing up cause it's heavier and bigger than one person can handle by themselves. So I got my brother in-law and sister in-law to come over and check out the new toy. Oh, and hey, why they are here they can help me move it right? After they helped with the move, we got it all secured in the corner where it will live. Now that it's home, I could see where I needed an electrical outlet installed. I did some cutting in the wall, running some wires, installing a dedicated circuit breaker in the panel and it now has power. Plugged it all in, tested everything and it all looks good.

The wife is still hard at work figuring out the programs and my next project is to build an enclosure for the CNC. Turns out, late at night when others are asleep and you turn the CNC machine and the dust collector on, it tends to wake them up. Hmmm, who would have thought? Anyways, time to make an enclosure that will dampen the sounds a little.

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