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The New CNC Machine.....

The wife and I were in the wood shop for a few hours last night/this morning. Bolting stuff together, connecting wires, taking boxes with stuff in them and turning them into empty boxes and more.

These boxes seemed to be a box inside another box. It was like Christmas morning with each box a new surprise. Very important note, mark your Y1 and Y2 rails in the beginning or you will spend hours checking them repeatedly to make sure they are on the right sides. I mean, that's what I hear anyways, not that we did that or anything. Getting closer now.

Now on to the drag chain. Man this thing is stiff.

Now the learning curve kicks in. The wife will be learning the computer stuff first and then she can teach me after she takes some good notes. Nurses are good at note taking. I have to build a base to set the "machine" on top of first, then I have to install a new electrical outlet and run some wire and circuit breaker work and maybe a few more small things and we can move it to where it will live. Got some figuring to do first though.

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