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Handmade wooden American flag with a colored strip to honor all our many public service providers.  Made from 18 pieces of wood, glued with a reinforced back and a precision CNC carved union. Stained and protected with a semi-gloss polyurethane for a professional looking finish. Flag measures 13" tall, 24-3/4" wide and 1-1/2" thick. The flag you see is a representation of the one you will get due to the different variations in wood grain patterns. Therefore, each flag has an individual and unique quality. No paint is used, only stains so the natural beauty of the wood can be seen.


Blue : Law Enforcement

Red : Fire Fighter

Green : Armed Forces

White : E.M.S.

Silver : Corrections

Orange : Search and Rescue

Yellow : Dispatchers

Wooden American "Thin Line" Flag

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