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Where to begin?

We started by buying some different sizes of union star templates and a dimensional sizing blueprint from Etsy. It seemed every night at work I would get messages from my hubby. Me expecting some mushy stuff, which I get, but they always seemed to end with a "check out this video." There seemed to be many people out there that are make flags and we are pretty smart about figuring out most things, so why not give it a try.

First, the hubby started by using 2X4s for the stripes. The sawstop had come in handy and proved to make quick work of all the cuts. I think he was enjoying proving to me how handy his fancy toy was at our new project. I like to call all his pricey tools fancy because it drives him nuts. LOL The unions were easier to cut using 1X8, except we quickly realized the grain pattern looks so much better running horizontally with the stripes and seems easier to carve . After making the strips, they would then have to be run through the plainer. To remove that extra step we now use 1X10 for the stripes.

I would like to say everything went smoothly but if you believe that, you have never meet my hubby. He cant help himself, but think of ways to improve or streamline everything. I bet he drives the guys at work nuts. The first jigs he made were a cross cut sled and length jigs for the union and stripes, he also made a dedicated stop blocks for his Incra Miter 5000 for all the repetitive cuts. This way he didn't have to measure each piece and adjust. He could make multiple cuts and they all would be the exact same length. Here to the right are his jigs and sleds he has made so far. When he talked about how much more storage there would be with a french cleat hanging system I didn't believe him. But as you can see it helps keep all the stuff organized nicely. I like that everything has a place.

Remember me saying that one can never have enough tools? Bet you'll never guess. He wanted JessEm clear-cut stock guides. I have to admit though they work great. No flying wood which can definitely happen with those smaller stripes. Sometimes I feel like our projects are just ways for him to acquire more toys.

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