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To Frame or Not to Frame? That is the question......

The frames initially were just cut using 4 straight pieces of wood cut from a 2" X 4" to go around the edge of the flag using butt joints. We would then glue and brad nail the frame to the edges of the flag. This seemed to work ok and was very simple to do.

The first couple frames also had keyhole slots on top and the side for optional hanging. However we changed to top only because we realized the flag would not display properly if hung from the side. If hung from the side the union would be on the right hand side and any time a flag is

hung or mounted, the union should be on the left. After that lesson was learned, we upgraded the frame to be stronger and more supportive of the flag. Not that anything was wrong with the frames as they were, we just wanted to make them as good looking and as strong as we could.

We now use 2" X 3"'s cut to form a one piece "L" shape that connects to the sides and back of the flag. The ends are then cut to a 45 deg. angle to form a box to glue the flags into. After the frame is glued together, we reinforce the corners with splines to strengthen the miter

joints. Yes, you guessed it, the hubby had to make another jig for faster, more reliable and stronger splines.

This spline jig fits on his crosscut sled for easy spline cutting with no measuring or anything. So basically, it's a jig for a jig. After the frame is complete, we glue the flag into the frame which forms a very strong and attractive marriage of frame and flag.

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