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This is going to suck part 2.

I was a little disappointed that the dust collection system wasn't fully functional last night. But now it is. I replaced the little 20 amp breaker with a 30 amp bad boy and the dust collector fired right up and kept on suckin'.

I was very happy to finally hear that motor spool up and feel the air being sucked out of the room. It's little things like that which brings a smile to my face. I mean what power loving man wouldn't smile when the air is being sucked out of the room from something they just built? And hearing that motor spinning like a jet taking off, oh ya, you know I was happy!

Once I got the system sucking, I turned my attention to getting suction to the table saw. First I had to cut a hole in the wall and install some hard ports for the flex hose to connect to. You know, any time you begin a sentence with "I had to cut a hole in the wall", you know it's going to be fun. Anyways, I got the hole cut, ports screwed to the wall on both sides and flex hose from the collector to the wall and from the other side of the wall to the table saw. I pressed the power button on the remote control, ya, I said remote control, and the dust collector came to life. The flex hose wiggled a little and dust that had been inside the table saw from prior use was immediately sucked out and the clouds parted and sun shone down upon the basement. Well, not really, but in my mind it did.

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