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Testing out the dust collector.

OK, the wife is at work and i'm home alone in the wood shop. I am itching to give the new dust collector a real test, but not sure what to do. I actually thought about getting some scrap wood and just running it through the table saw so it could make some dust, but decided on something more productive. I have been needing something to hang on the french cleat wall to hold my Woodpeckers clamping squares, so I figured I would make that. This way they are not just laying around the shop when not in use and taking up valuable bench space. I decided on something simple, yet effective.

The wife says I'm clamp happy, but I still say I could get another one on there. I have to say, I was very happy with the dust collector. Normally when I use the table saw, I get a good amount of dust on the table top and other places. Now it is so much cleaner and so nice to use. Pressing that remote, hearing it fire up, oh ya.......

I think it turned out great. I was initially worried that all the weight so far from the wall might make it tip or fall, but with 3 dowels drilled and glued on a 3/4" base, it's rock solid. The french cleat and a runner on the bottom (which you can't see) hold everything in place nice and secure. Project complete. What's next???

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