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Our latest project...

Organization is key. Well, at least it makes things less cluttered anyways. In a workshop it's hard not to make lots of clutter. My hubby has always been very organized with his tools. Everything else, well, not so much. Tools on the other hand, have always had a special spot they rest in between every use. If you use one of his tools it had better be cleaned and placed back in its spot LOL. So, he decided another project was in order. The flags take up alot of space in the workshop which makes it difficult to do other projects. This is where he started sketching and brainstorming what he calls a drying/storage rack. So the adventure began.

Originally he had it all figured out where it's special place in the shop would be and everything would fit nice and neat. However, just because he has it all drawn out doesn't mean that's the way it would be completed.

After a few modifications to make it better, stronger, faster (sounds like he's making the 6 million dollar man) the rack was to large for the space he wanted it to sit. You know what they say "go big or go home" all part of his "more power" moto. But now where to put it.

This begins stage 2 of the drying/storage rack.

We figured if we moved this over there, and put those on top of these and rearranged a few other things, we could move the drying/storage rack over here. Got it? Good. But now we need a table or base to put it on in order to bring it up to a comfortable working height. We had a few 2X4's laying around and figured a down and dirty base was what was needed. Measure, cut, measure again, realize you should have measured again before we cut, get another 2X4 and press on. This time everything worked out. Base is cut, glued, clamped, screwed, screwed some more and then screwed again. Ya, it might have a few extra screws in it, but it's not going to fall apart any time soon. The next day the clamps came off, sander came out, base was smoothed and moved into position. Then the big test, move the drying/storage rack onto the base and see if it will fit properly. Come to find out, everything fit together like it was designed. Next we moved all the flags into the drawers and were done. With this I mean, there are lots of things to do, but for now we're done. The next project is going to suck, and I mean suck big time.

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