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Making a simple strap clamp holder.

Well, I am flying solo once again in the shop while the wife is doing her "make sure people are alive" thing. Yesterdays project got me thinking, what else can I get off the bench and up on the wall? It didn't take long to see my next project. I have 4 band clamps that I use when we are making frames for our flag builds and they have always just been stacked up on the edge of the bench when not in use. Not any more. As you can see, I think I used almost as many clamps as I could, the wife would be proud i'm sure. This one was a very fast project to make, so not much to tell about this one.

I guess the last two projects are paving the way to clear off the bench and organize the shop. You know what it means when you have extra room in the shop right? Yupper, daddy needs a belt/disc sander!

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