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Go bigger or go home.

We had a new customer interested in a couple flags today. She wanted to see them in person to check them out, I can understand that. She was fairly local, so we loaded up our flags and headed off to meet her. Once we met up and started talking, she was actually looking for larger flags than we currently make. So we told her we would make her 2 larger flags with the attributes she was looking for. We exchanged info and back to the house we went. We cut a larger union and stripes, sanded and stained to her specs. They are drying now and will get another coat and more sanding to go along with it. Then the union gets carved and sanded. A lot of gluing and assembly with all the clamps I can find. Oh, these are larger flags.....I may need more clamps? Then some poly, drying, sanding, more poly and we should be good to go. I guess these are the first two of many to come to be the next size up. These flags will be approximately 19.5" X 37" with no frame and 21" X 38.5" with a frame. We might make a few little modifications to, just have to see how it goes.

We also started working on a "Thin Red Line" flag as well. It's in the same stage of completion as the 2 larger flags as well.

So that is about it for today, 3 new flags under construction. As soon as they are done we will post them on our site.

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